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Annually, companies in the US hire a staggering 70.4 million people as part of their organizational structure. The process of hiring is one of the most crucial aspects of running a successful business, as it has a direct impact on the career trajectory of both managers and employees.

Despite the significance of hiring, there are very few established best practices, training resources, or technologies that can provide a structured approach to the process of hiring. 

The limited tools that currently exist are primarily designed for governance, compliance, data collection, and workflow management, and are collectively known as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

However, the ATS is a passive data repository and falls short of addressing the critical problem of making informed hiring decisions. 

These tools lack: 

  • The capacity to guide hiring managers towards success
  • Clarity on their hiring requirements
  • Collaboration among interviewers
  • Enablement for better hiring decisions

And though there are many “cooks in the kitchen” throughout this process, you know who takes the heat for a bad hire?

The hiring manager.

With so much on the line, hiring shouldn’t be treated as sink or swim. You need an ally in the process looking out for you. A technology that makes the hiring process more standard and more certain.

We all deserve better.


So we’re blowing up the whole damn process. And we want you to join us in disrupting the status quo.

Aeon is not about evolution. Aeon is about revolution.

Break up with your ATS!
Hire Like a Boss.

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